Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 (Indifference and Lack of Concern)
First,  Human Rights issues for Europeans are completely disregarded by other races.  This should serve as an eye-opener for our peoples.  No one will come to our aid.  So, we must accomplish the task for ourselves. 
It's unsettling to learn that other nations are unsympathetic to our cause.  In fact, they repeat the same tire rhetoric about "past crimes committed by The British Empire".   (footnote: we're not even gonna waste anymore time arguing with these people.  Except delving into their own dark past.  For example: THE YOUNG TURKS made jokes about The White Men.   Little did they realize that his people were responsible for the Armenian Genocide of 1918.  SO, anybody can play the "history game".   It only proves the urgency for Europeans to unite.  Others will continue persecuting us, by using the same old dogma.)

Human Rights concerns should be acknowledged by all, whether or not they are personally involved.  But, we've already seen otherwise.  And, matters will only get worse, unless we defend ourselves.

(Human-Rights Violations, Universally Condemned)

Now, with all considered:   it's important to clarify numerous misconceptions.   Firstly,  we would be equally concerned if another group faced danger.  The Genocide in Rwanda should have been stopped.   And, the Killing-Fields were a tragedy which must never happen again.

(Stopping Genocide:  Why would Sweden or Noway be at Risk ?)

This is the modern world. And, countries such as France, Holland, and Sweden would seem the least likely places to experience attempted Genocides.  So, in this aspect, it's even worse than 3rd world areas.   By comparison, the Khmer Rouge committed their crimes in secrecy.  IF people had known, then action could have been taken.   In contrast, The EU should protect their continent with unity, and exchange of vital information.
SO;  why would The Swedish Government allow their culture to be supplanted by Islam ?  These crimes are easily avoidable.  But, this story was covered up by Mainstream Media.   What could possibly explain their total lack of interest?

(Serious Matters)
ALSO UNDERSTAND that such crimes are far WORSE than the Khmer Rouge.(aka: the mass genocide which took place in Cambodia between 1975-1979)
At least, their culture and identity were not deeply affected.  And, the next generation was able to rebound. There were no long-term after-effects.  BUT, The attempts to transform Sweden & France are even MORE Sinister than Mass graves, or Killing Fields.  This is an attempt to remove their identity.  Everyone MUST be aware of this fact.  It's worse than waging any war fought with weapons .... or bombs. 

(Affirmative Action & Domestic Issues)
Let's clarify misconceptions about the Human Rights Movement for Europeans.   We are not a supremacist group, nor are we attempting to spread our influence.  

Additionally, this entire issue has no similarity whatsoever to topics such as "Affirmative Action"; or any internal affairs.  Whether or not someone supports this type of legislation;  it's really quite trivial by comparison.
{footnote: regarding Affirmative Action;  We're generally not bothered by ideas which help less-fortunate people. And, there's no harm giving certain advantages to the African-American community.  However, Legislation should be structured to aid the poor based upon needs, rather than specifically pertaining to racial identity.  The funds might very well be distributed the same; but it would be less invasive.}  
Attempts are often made which could help the poor build stronger lives for themselves.
However, this is completely irrelevant to our issue.  Please, let's not waste anymore time discussing such trivial issues. 

There's no comparison whatsoever.  

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